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Vermicomposting: Worms Eat My Garbage!

Overview of Vermicomposting

student with wormsIn a world where some people have hardly enough food to sustain themselves, many others generate platefuls of food waste each day. The problem we face is that, as of right now, much of this waste is simply deposited into a landfill, where it will produce methane – a greenhouse gas – as it decomposes. We have an opportunity to turn this daunting challenge into a solution by utilizing the power of the natural process of vermicomposting.

What is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is a type of composting in which worms are used to consume and process food scraps, then excrete nutrient rich castings. Worm castings eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers, saving energy and resources. We received funds to place a large vermiculture bin in the hoophouse outside Bailey Hall. The residents of this hall will become actively engaged with this method of sustainable composting. Our goal is to a) raise awareness within the Brody neighborhood about life cycle processes and the importance of sustainability in the food system, and b) reduce Michigan State’s contribution to ever-growing landfills.