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Collaboration & Partnerships

Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS)

RISE has unique partnerships with several units within the division of RHS. The Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm works intimately with campus chefs to grow culinary herbs and fresh vegetables that are served in several dining halls and the Kellogg Center State Room. Students work with procurement officers, University Food Stores and executive chefs to provide certified organic, locally grown food 9 months of the year. Our students also work with RHS facilities staff to study their "home" as a living laboratory for improving the sustainability of our campus. Together with our RHS collaborators RISE students are studying how to reduce dining hall plate waste, decrease energy and water consumption and send less solid waste to the landfill. RHS is a key partner is making the "R" in RISE truly a green residential experience.

Student Organic Farm (SOF)

The Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm is a "sister" farm with the SOF. These two farms are intricately linked by common purpose, philosophy and technical expertise. First year RISE students gain basic horticultural and farming skills at Bailey and they are able to expand their farming experience by working at the SOF. Each year the SOF provides Bailey with an upper level crew member who can provide education and management of the Bailey "Green Team." These students work together with the Manager and Production Manager at the SOF, to develop crop plans and share knowledge. In addition, Dr. Thorp has an educating RISE students about organically raised heritage breed pigs at the SOF. Together with her colleague Professor Dale Rozeboom, Department of Animal Science, this project allows students with an interest in sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry and animal welfare a hands-on opportunity to raise pigs from farrowing to finish.

MSU Sustainability

MSU Sustainability provides much needed technical expertise and student resources to support RISE student research and campus based change initiatives. Past projects include: Bailey Bees, Bailey Green Roof, Mealworms to Digest Plastics, Campus Recycling Comedic Video, Bailey Resale Shop, Vermicomposting, Bailey Compost Initiative.

Department of Community Sustainability

Several faculty from the Department of Community Sustainability collaborate with RISE.

Professor Robby Richardson, joined the RISE faculty in the spring of 2014 to teach a discussion course centered on voluntary simplicity and sustainability. Dr. Richardson is an environmental economist with expertise in ecosystem services. In the spring of 2018 Professor Richardson co-taught a special RISE seminar on Contemplative Practices for Environmental Resilience. The lead instructor for this course was Assistant Professor Lissy Goralnik, also with CSUS.  Professor Goralnik is also studying RISE experiential pedagogy as a portal for STEM identity and retention.  Her research with RISE was recently published in the Journal of Experiential Education. Several Community Sustainability courses are offered as part of the environmental and sustainability studies minor offered through RISE.