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RISE Scholarships

Donald F. Koch and Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch Endowed Scholarship

Barbara Sawyer-Koch headshotWe are pleased to announce the availability of the Donald F. Koch and Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch Environmental Studies Spartan Scholarship Challenge awards. RISE will be awarding two four-year scholarships of $3000/year for students who demonstrate financial need by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Eligible students must also have completed the RISE application and demonstrate a commitment to environmental studies and sustainability during their high school years. If you wish to have your application reviewed for this scholarship and have completed the FAFSA application please indicate your interest by checking the box on the RISE Application.

Soichiro Kurachi Endowed Scholarship

Soichiro Kurachi headshotPresident and CEO of Japan Corn Starch, Soichiro Kurachi has established an endowed scholarship for RISE students who demonstrate commitment to environmental leadership. Each April, awards of $1000-$2000 are made to two RISE students who demonstrate excellence in academics and environmental stewardship.



Navdeep Kaur and Maulik Dhandha Endowed Scholarship

Kaur-Dhandha headshotDrs. Navdeep and Maulik Dhandha have established an endowed scholarship for RISE students who demonstrate exceptional community engagement, academic excellence and commitment to environmental stewardship. Each April, one scholarship of $2000 is awarded to a RISE student who demonstrates the criteria of this scholarship.