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Find A RISE Roommate

Want to connect with your future RISE class and floormates and even possibly find a roommate? Check back in April for a link to the "RISE Class of 2026" Facebook group where you may wish to meet and mingle with the other RISE students!  This is one option for finding a roommate.  You can also use MyCollegeRoomie.com to search for a roommate.  

Not only will this serve as an icebreaker, but it will serve as a tool to find a roommate in the RISE program. If you find someone you would like to room with through this, or you already have a roommate that is also in RISE, that's perfect. All RISE students are housed on the second floor of Bailey Hall.

To get things going, join the Facebook group in April and write a post to introduce yourself. Here are some examples of things to say for each category:

Personal Hours

  1. Early to bed, early to rise -- I start winding down early in the evening and I'm pretty energetic in the morning.
  2. Flexible -- My personal hours change depending on what's happening in my life.
  3. Night Owl -- I stay up late and sleep in often.

In-Room Study Habits

  1. Multitasker -- I like to have music or the television on all the time in my room or can talk on the phone while doing homework.
  2. Ambient Noise -- I don't mind some background noise in my room, but need to have fewer distractions to study effectively.
  3. Quiet -- I require quiet and no distractions in my room to really get stuff done.
  4. Don't Take Work Home -- I do my reading or homework at the lab, in the library, or in cafés, I try not to do homework in my room.

Socializing in the Halls

  1. Room is a Social Hub -- I enjoy people dropping by at all times.
  2. Room Use Varies -- I invite friends over but also need specified quiet time for studying.
  3. Room is a sanctuary -- I need to have privacy and personal space most of the time.

Approach to Cleanliness

  1. Messy -- I drop my stuff right where I'm standing and it stays there until I need it again.
  2. Casual -- My space is fairly clean with some clutter.
  3. Neat -- I am orderly, clean, and tidy.

Music Preferences

  1. Rock
  2. Hip-hop
  3. RnB
  4. Country
  5. Pop


  1. Soccer
  2. Basketall
  3. Knitting
  4. Card games