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Apply for RISE

RISE promo graphic

Interested in RISE?

We are now accepting applicants for Fall 2024

If you are a high school senior or transfer student and you want to participate in RISE (which will require you to live in Bailey Hall your first year), please consider applying. Acceptance into the RISE program is contingent on your undergraduate admission to MSU.

  • To Apply: Complete the online application below and hit "submit." (NOTE: Some applicants have told us that they are getting a "SPAM" response when they try to submit their application. Please try an alternative web browser, i.e. Safari or Chrome). If you have supplemental materials you'd like to submit, you can upload them to the application or email them to the Director, Dr. Laurie Thorp at thorpl@msu.edu.

Selection decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning in mid-November. Spaces are limited and we encourage interested students to apply early. Our admissions deadline is April 23rd. 

As you complete the application below, please be aware of our selection criteria:

  • Commitment to the foundational principles and values of environmental stewardship;
  • Potential for academic success;
  • Balance and diversity among the incoming class of RISE students.
Contact Information

We know that many incoming first year students are unsure of their major. If you are admitted to RISE and would be interested in discussing MSU majors related to environmental and sustainability studies, please check the box below and a RISE advisor will contact you. 


Describe your primary interests in sustainability and environmental studies. How do you envision RISE support your interests?

Prior Involvement

Describe any environmental or social change activities in which you are/were involved in during high school. If you held a leadership role within those activities, please describe that as well. 


RISE is a living learning community. We are interested in hearing personal stories that demonstrate your commitment and understanding of building healthy communities.

Sustained Involvement

Tell us about a time when you worked hard for something about which you were passionate.

Career Goals

Describe your career goals and how participating in RISE may contribute to your success.

How did you find out about RISE?

Where did you hear about the RISE program (e.g. social media, email, RISE student, website, campus visit, college/department, etc.)? If you have visited Bailey Hall and the RISE program, please let us know.


A variety of need and merit-based scholarships ranging from $500-$2500 are available to first-year and continuing RISE students. Scholarship awards will be made at the end of the spring semester and will be based on academic merit and demonstrated leadership/involvement in RISE.

Scholarship Interest
Supplemental Materials

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BUT OPTIONAL: You may use the link below to upload any supplemental materials (writing samples, letters of recommendation, transcripts, class projects) that you feel add strength to your RISE application. You may also email supplemental materials to thorpl@msu.edu or beadlej1@msu.edu.