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Bailey Hall Green Roof

students on green roof

Considering the negative influences that inflict our environment, it is not only preferable but essential that we, as a global community, adopt innovative alternatives to our current style of living. For our immediate residential community, the installment and development of a rooftop garden on Bailey Hall can be a step in this direction. Our objectives are to provoke an interest in sustainability in our community, harness efficiency of land usage by taking advantage of rooftop space, and to encourage Bailey residents to actively participate in a sustainable, ecological lifestyle.

Academically we aim to work with undergraduate and graduate students to research the progress of rooftop plant growth and what conditions are ideal for this progress. Other benefits of the rooftop garden include the production of organic crops that would be consumed in Brody cafeteria. In doing this we can also bring awareness and educate students of the benefits of organic food, both in regards to one’s wellbeing and the environment.

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Assess Brody Neighborhood residents’ knowledge of rooftop gardens and sustainability
  • Assess Brody Neighborhood residents’ attitudes towards the adoption of eco-friendly procedures
  • Assess what can encourage Brody Neighborhood residents to take better care of their environment
  • Assess the effectiveness of growing organic edible crops in a rooftop environment