Student Clubs & Organizations

We highly encourage student involvement as a critical component to your college experience. Engagement opportunities abound on campus with student organizations, clubs, and honor societies. The following list is just a sampling of the variety of opportunities for RISE students.

EFFS: Ecological Food and Farm Stewardship
The EFFS Club is a multidisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students striving to cultivate sustainable, local, food and community. As an organization, we create opportunities for students to participate in sustainable agriculture and food systems activities. These activities have included conferences, organized events on campus such as guest speakers and workshops, and the promotion and support of small farms and businesses that actively practice or teach about sustainable agriculture. Read more on the EFFS website:
Agrarian Vision: Friends and Families using Facts and Feelings to Physically, Faithfully and Fearlessly Farm Fields and Forests for Food, Feed, Fiber, Fuel, Flowers, Fertility, Fun, Freedom, and the Future
To learn more or get involved contact:
EFFS Club President, Madeline Valentine:
EFFS Club Vice President, Madeline Ciofu:
Faculty Advisor, Julie Cotton: cottonj@msu.edu517-355-0271 ext. 1156

Fisheries and Wildlife Club
To further enhance the education and professional development of students interested in natural resources, through hands on experience in management, research, and public outreach, in an engaging community.
Who We Are
We are a student organization which is passionate about conservation and natural resource management. Although our focus is on fish and wildlife management, we are a group with varied interests in the fields of: ecology, conservation biology, marine biology, plant biology, environmental ethics/philosophy, forestry, zoology, wildlife rehabilitation, outdoor education, environmental policy and sustainability. Our members are pursuing careers as naturalists, fish and wildlife biologists, ecologists, researchers, educators and any occupation that focuses on the unique interaction between humans and the environment.
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Horticulture Club
To promote the profession and love of horticulture through good fellowship and by furthering interest in the field with horticultural activities, competitions, social event, and networking

Any student interested in horticulture may become a member upon payment of dues ($10).

A group of MSU students who are in some way or another interested in Horticulture. Whether it's digging in the dirt, designing landscapes, building businesses, growing greenhouse crops, tending vegetable, growing fruit, climbing trees, appreciating flowers, trees & shrubs, or satisfying plain curiosity, we share this common interest and come together once a week to learn, and to build a network of friends and colleagues. Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 6 pm in B109 in the Plant and Soil Sciences Building, unless otherwise noted.
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LEAF Club is a group for leaders in environmental and agricultural fields. It is a network of students that work to educate themselves and serve the MSU community. LEAF is open to all students in environmental, agricultural or related fields that are interested in developing career goals, community stewardship and building relationships among peers and professionals in their field.

Outdoors Club
The MSUOC is a group “dedicated to anything and everything outdoors.” Everyone is always welcome and beginners are especially encouraged to join us. All events are optional and there is something going on almost every weekend. Common events include white water rafting, ice climbing, rock climbing, backpacking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and even skydiving. Check out our website and calendar at or our meetings at 8:00 Monday nights in Room 208 – IM West!
To learn more or get involved contact:
MSUOC President, Celina Wanek:
 MSUOC Vice President, Michael Behrend:

Protecting Animal Welfare (PAW):
Featuring 3 RISE second year students on eBoard, Alexis Hinson (President), Katie Grantham (Vice President), and Kira Bucksbaum (Treasurer)
Our goal is to promote animal welfare on campus and in the East Lansing area, while educating ourselves and the public on current issues in animal welfare. This semester, we have had 2 volunteer orientations at local animal shelters, had guest speaker Jill Fritz come talk about wolves in Michigan, and have toured the Student Organic Farm to learn about the differences in welfare between industrial and pasture raised meat.
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Sustainable Spartans
The Sustainable Spartans are a research-based, registered student organization working toward a more sustainable Michigan State University.  Through projects and initiatives, we help MSU transition to it's goal of 100% renewable energy, increase environmental awareness, and efficiency. We are entirely student-led and oriented and give undergraduate students the opportunity for hands-on involvement in projects that can change the face of this university. For more information, contact