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Required Field

What RISE means to me, Bethany.

October 6, 2014

by Bethany Kogut

Who would have every thought that a double or triple major or over doing credits would bring anything relaxing or calming to one’s life. I definitely did not think it would, which is why I went the standard route for course load. Now that I have found my escape, I feel that I can conquer anything. I have always been that person that finds a place or a happy spot that just makes everything in the world disappear and makes time stop. I wasn’t sure if I was going to find that spot at Michigan State, but as soon as I did, I knew I made the right decision in coming here. My spot wasn't at the Dairy Store, or in the Botanical Gardens. My spot wasn’t at the Spartan Statue, or down by the Red Cedar River. My spot wasn't at The Rock, or in The Pines. Instead, my spot was right downstairs in the Bailey Greenhouse. RISE has brought me to a spot  where I can just let all of my worries and negative emotions out. It’s amazing how the planting of a seed can not only bring life to the plant but to the emotional self-being. The Bailey Greenhouse has become my escape from stress and helps me to pull everything back in to realistic terms. The Bailey Greenhouse helps me to keep my feet on the ground even when I feel like everything is building up underneath me. RISE to me is my gravity. When things are flying out of my control, it brings everything back together.