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Our wonderful staff members are current RISE students who write, create, and edit content for our blog. These students are committed to showcasing the creativity and unique voice of their fellow RISE members, fostering a space for students to express themselves.

Maddie Judge, Student Editor
Welcome to the blog! I am a third year student majoring in Environmental Studies & Sustainability and Professional Writing.

Sergio Martínez-Beltrán, Student Editor
Second-year Journalism student minoring in Environmental Studies & Sustainability

Bethany Kogut, Content Manager
My name is Bethany, and I am currently a first year student at MSU majoring in Elementary Education. I am going to be focusing on sustainable crafts and recipes that all of you can take part in. I have gotten involved with the RISE Blog to gain experience in blogging. Hopefully I will write one of my own throughout the next few years for parents about living a sustainable life with their children. If you need to contact me, you are welcome to email me at kogutbet@msu.edu.

Stephanie Marceau,  Content Manager
Hello, my name is Stephanie, or in shorthand, Steph, and I am a Zoology and (WIP) English major with a minor in Environmental Sustainability here at MSU. This is my first year at college and I am so happy to be sharing it with RISE. I am a content manager on the RISE blog team and I joined the team because I want this blog to be a means to bring new members into RISE and a way to bring the members already here even closer together. I want us to get a feel for this little family because the best way to fall in love with something is to know it.

Kristin Randall, Content Manager
First-year student