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Feeding the Future Cooking Workshops

Past Leaders: Maria Cotter, Leah Desposato and Maddie Judge

As a society, food is a focal point for the exchange of information and the core of our cultural fabric. The way we eat unites citizens from all over the globe and the same is true for residential neighborhoods on the modern college campus. Students residing in the Brody Neighborhood of Michigan State University share a common dining experience at Brody Square and during this coming year will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the production of some of that food. With the addition of the Bailey Hoophouse, green roof, and edible landscape, students will be exposed to several different urban agriculture techniques related to sustainable production of food. Through this project our goal is to a) provide several experiential learning opportunities so students may engage with the food system and b) to facilitate faculty/student/staff cooperative learning surrounding sustainable food production. The investigators will foster communication between faculty, culinary staff, and students, in addition to evaluating activity results.