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RISE Scholarships

Donald F. Koch and Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch Environmental Studies Spartan Scholarship Challenge Awards

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Donald F. Koch and Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch Environmental Studies Spartan Scholarship Challenge awards. RISE will be awarding two four-year scholarships of $3000/year for students who demonstrate financial need by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Eligible students must also have completed the RISE application and demonstrate a commitment to environmental studies and sustainability during their high school years. If you wish to have your application reviewed for this scholarship and have completed the FAFSA application please indicate your interest by checking the box on the RISE Application.


Japan Corn Starch Summer Study Scholarship                                                                      

Every year, two MSU RISE students will have the opportunity to travel to Japan and experience first- hand multiple aspects of a large international agricultural business, Japan Corn Starch. Japan Corn Starch (JCS) is a 150-year-old business focused on the production of: bioplastics, cornstarch, pharmaceutical cornstarch, corn sweetener, and rice starch. JCS is a world leader in sustainable practices including composting of production waste materials, CO2 reduction, recycling and other forms of pollution prevention. JCS also supports US farmers who produce non-GMO corn.

During this study program, students will visit the JCS corporate headquarters in Tokyo and tour the Kinuura Plant in order to see all aspects of production. Students will have the opportunity to meet with CEO and President Soichiro Kurachi, along with Directors of Research and Development, Sales/Marketing, Quality Control, and Purchasing. This program is especially well suited for students with an interest or major in international business, agribusiness, sustainable business practices, food industry management, engineering or food science.

Included in the program are several cultural tours to provide our students with exposure to historical and cross-cultural learning. Students will experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, tour a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple, dine on authentic Japanese cuisine, visit Mt. Fuji, and sightsee in Nagoya and Tokyo. 

Applications for this scholarship are solicited each year in March.