Recruitment Team

The RISE Recruitment Team is comprised of first- and second-year students that would like to share their experience in the RISE program with prospective students. These students assist interested students in making the decision to become a part of this living learning community. Feel free to contact any of them with questions regarding tours, living in Bailey Hall, the environmental studies and sustainability minor, or a high school visit. 

Their contact and team information can be found here.


Alex Marx

I am from West Bloomfield, Michigan and my major is Environmental Biology/Zoology. I am passionate about Ornithology (The Study of Birds) and all other forms of living life. The idea of urban sustainable living is very interiguing to me and I hope I can work in Detroit one day. I am pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, giving me experience in the business aspect of MSU. Other than science, I enjoy sports such as basketball and tennis and I love being outside doing practically anything.

Andrea Batten

I'm from Farmington Hills, MI and went to Harrison High School through my sophomore year and then my family moved to Jenison, MI. So I graduated from Jenison High School, so I'm familiar with both sides of the state! I am a Hospitality Business major and my ultimate goal is to open my own restaurant or bar. All throughout high school I was in the marching band and played softball I still love both. I also am a member of the Slam Poetry Team here on campus and thats a lot of fun! I am also always willing to talk about cats, chocolate, adventure and cheesy jokes!

Annalisa Rocca

I'm from Columbus, Ohio. My major is Environmental Economics and Management. I love being outside and staying active. I love sports as well, whether its watching or playing them for fun. I love listening to music. I'm into anything from John Mayer to 21 pilots to Kendrick Lamar.


Brooke Desposato 

Hello! My name is Brooke Desposato and I from West Bloomfield, MI. I am currently studying Food Science and minoring in Environmental Sustainability. In high school I ran cross-country, was on the down hill ski team and was apart of the environmental club in my school. I hope to end up conducting reserch on how the food industry can make their products more sutainabile. I love to hike, cycle, read and be outdoors.

Caroline Schuetz

I am a biosystems engineering major from Novi, Michigan. I love animals and to be outdoors including fishing and hiking, but I also love an occasional night in watching Netflix. I also have an older brother and sister and a twin.



Dalanei Willoughby

Hi! My name is Dalanei Willoughby, I'm an out of state student from Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a first year student majoring in Zoology, and minoring in Environmental Studies & Sustainability and Spanish. I plan on attending veterinary school following the completion of my undergraduate degree. I love the outdoors, but I do also like a good amount of Netflix in my life.


Haley Fulco

My name is Haley and I'm a first-year student from Macomb, MI. I'm a Lyman Briggs Zoology major, hoping to later pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I love all animals, and my best friend is my little bunny Bruno. I spend most of my summers in northern Michigan, so boating, fishing, hiking, and being outdoors has been a main focus in my life. What originally drew me to RISE was my interest in sustainable living in both urban and rural environments, but especially how humans can coexist with all other living organisms. Other than that, you'll probably see me on my bike riding around all corners of campus, or just sitting in the lounges knitting(:

Kaitlyn Thrush

Hi! My name is Katie and I grew up in a small town named St. Johns about 35 minutes north of MSU's campus. I am very passionate about invasive and exotic species and how to manage them in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. This passion geared me toward a major in Fisheries and Wildlife. I love being outside, helping others through volunteer work and going to a variety of sporting events. I also enjoy meeting new people and having lots of fun with friends!


Lindsay Mensch

I am from Brighton, Michigan and I've lived there my whole life. My passions are analyzing literature and environmental sustainability (especially that related to water conservation and the global food supply). I love RISE! It is one of the many programs I love here at MSU, and it's why I chose this school.


Lizzy Burr

I'm from Midland, MI. I love painting, drawing, reading, running and watching TV. My favorite dessert is cheesecake. My favorite thing to do is spend time with family.



Lydea Noye

Hi! My name is Lydea, and I am an environmental engineering major from Chelsea, Michigan. I love hanging out with my pets (and animals is general, especially the cute and furry variety), read, and be outside. I also enjoy spending time with my family and making new friends.


Maeve O'Dowd

I'm Maeve O'Dowd from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I am a Media and Information major. I love going to concerts, collecting records and anything of that sort. I suffer from wanderlust and a corn allergy, both of which I have been working to overcome. I hope to end up in the Pacific Northwest with a production job and a dog to go on hikes with, or multiple dogs...definitely multiple dogs.

Makenzie Bosworth

I'm an Environmental Studies and Sustainability major from Grand Rapids! I love yoga, books, being outside, and absolutely any kind of tea. I have a huge appreciation for dogs (even though they make me sneeze), and I'm the height of an average ninth grader.


Mary McHugh

I am a Chinese major from Sparta, Michigan. I love being outdoors, theatre, and noodles. I am also in the Global Educators Cohort Program. When I grow up I want to be a High School teacher. You can often find me studying, sipping coffee in Brody cafe, or singing to the wildlife on campus. I love long walks on the beach and answering questions about MSU.

Rachael Zarger

My name is Rachael and I'm from Rochester Hills, Michigan. I'm majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, and I'm also in the Honors College. I love music and I'm a percussionist in MSU's Campus Band. If I'm not in class, I'm probably watching Netflix or sleeping.



Rachel Burdt

Hello! My name is Rachel Burdt, and I'm a freshman at MSU majoring in Horticulture. I love nature, so if anything is happening outside I will be there. In my off time I can be found binge watching Netflix shows (Grey's Anatomy is my newest. SO good) reading, drinking tea and watching movies. I love meeting new people so come say hi!

Sajjad Abdul-Aziz

Hey, I'm Sajjad. I come from Detroit Michigan, and I love to do lots and lots of things-especialy in Nature. If you look just a little, you might catch me rollerblading to class, jamming on guitar or reading a book, and If your really lucky, you might catch me in thought. P.s I think a lot.


Sara Kolar

I am an environmental engineering major from Hartland, MI. I love to snowboard, play soccer, hike, and longboard. If something entails spending time outside on a nice day than I am instantly all for it. I also enjoy looking up any type of alternative music and trying new foods. In the future, my major goal is to make a change in the environment that is a large step forward in the race to protect our planet.


Selena Perez

I'm from Dansville, MI, a little place about 30 minutes southeast of MSU. My major is Fisheries and Wildlife with concentrations in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Biology and Management. I'm a book fanatic, adventure lover, and avid cookie consumer.