Free tutoring is provided for all RISE students in the subject areas of: mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and writing. Tutoring is conveniently located on the 2nd floor in Bailey Hall. Students are encouraged to use this resource as a strategy for academic success. If needed students may also schedule one-on-one sessions with any of our tutors.

Tutor subject areas and biographies

Updated Spring 2017 RISE Tutoring Schedule 
Tutor Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Lizzy Burr


5-8pm 6:30-9pm     6-9pm

Haley Fulco


  6-8pm     6-9pm

Rachel Konchal


6-9pm   6-9pm   6-9pm

Taylor LaPorte


  6-9pm   6-9pm  

Abdullah Mohammed


(on call) (on call) (on call) (on call) (on call)

Abe Yeck


1-5pm     6-9pm  



Lizzy: MTH up to 133, CEM 141, CEM 161, CEM 250, WRA, CSE 231, PHY183

Haley: MTH up to 133, STT up to 231, CEM 141, CEM 142, CEM 185, BS 161, BS 162, BS 181, BS 182, WRA, LB Courses

Rachel: MTH up to 133, CEM up to 251, WRA, PHY 183, BS 161, BS 162, BS 181, BS 182

Taylor: MTH up to 234, PHY 183, CEM 141/142/185/351, BS 161, WRA

Abdullah: MTH up to 235, CEM up to 352, PHY 183/184/231/232 if given food

Abe: MTH up to 132, CEM 141, PHY 183/184