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Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

While RISE students are automatically enrolled in the minor, students that are not a part of RISE may add this to their major to strengthen their degree program. The minor is transcriptable and may be especially useful for students pursuing careers in:

  • sustainability
  • the green economy sector (energy, transportation, food,)
  • marketing and advertising
  • packaging
  • supply chain
  • journalism

The Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies includes courses that examine both the physical and biological dimensions of the environment, as well as social factors and their environmental interactions. The curriculum includes opportunities to study topics ranging from wetlands remediation to geographic information systems (GIS). In addition, students may elect to study alongside world-class faculty engaged in environmental research. The Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies also includes distinct RISE seminars in which students explore environmental issues through field trips, guest speakers and community projects.

MSU offers a number of minors that may be used to complement academic majors or to accommodate studies that are not available as a major. Minors are a linked set of courses and completion of a minor is noted on a student’s transcript upon graduation.

Curriculum Requirements for the Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

A student must complete the specific required courses as listed in the MSU Academic Programs Catalog. In addition, the minor advising sheet is available on the left-hand side of this page. Course substitutions are possible with the prior written approval of the RISE Director, Dr. Laurie Thorp. Before a student requests a substitution, the student should consult with his or her academic advisor to ensure that the substitution will not adversely affect the requirements for his or her degree program.